Internet Slow through router (on some computers)

I am having a very strange issue and cannot seem to find the answer. I am using Time Warner Cable advertised 15 mb internet connection.

On my desktop (self built) plugged straight into the cable modem on speakeasy / I am getting anywhere from 20-25 mb which is great. Once I connect through my router (WRT54g2 Linksys Cisco router) it drops to a dreadful 0.9-1.5.

However, the strange part. My Macbook Pro and 24" iMac are both also connected through the same router and are getting 20-25 mb through both wireless and ethernet connection.

Why won't my computer reach the proper bandwidth through the router?

I have tried going into the router setup and QoS my mac address to highest priority, as well as testing everything with only 1 computer at a time connected to the router, any help would be much appreciated.


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  1. see if changing the Link Speed/Duplex Mode settings will help.

    Did you check the network cable?
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