Elderscrolls: AMD or Nvidia

I'm going to be building a new gaming PC soon and I mainly intend to play Skyrim when it comes out. However, I had a question, do the Elderscrolls games tend to favor one GPU maker over the other like so many games do?
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  1. i havent looked at the game requirements, but do they list one specific card and then say "or equivalent"?
    for instance, shogun:2 says it is made for the 5/6000 series AMD or nvidia equivilent

    as a general rule of thumb, nivida cards seem to perform slightly better at AA than AMD cards, but most cards have a twin on the other side. they like to make sure there is a card at a price point to beat the competitor.
  2. Are you using 3 monitors or using other applications that take advantage of the CUDA processor on nVidia cards?

    For a general discussion of nVidia and AMD cards you might look at this web page:

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