How can clear cmos as keybord not detected by system

i m unable to operate my system it is not detecting any USB/PS/2 keybord.when i start pc it is detecting harddisk , cd rom, ram chips and mouse but not F1 to run setup option is there but how can i press f1 as it is not fetching any of my new and old keyboard. i have also installed windows by attaching hard drive to other system but problem is still there.where is the problem:motherboard,BIOS or something else. please provide anser that solve this problem.Waiting for experts to show there expertise.
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  1. hello sajan
    can you share your system specs as that helps a lot in troubleshooting.
    you can clear out the CMOS by taking the following steps:
    1. Turn off power to the system smps (PSU)
    2. turnoff all power to the monitor, speaker and all other externally powered devices connected to the system.
    3. Locate the flat button cell (battery) on your motherboard and remove it
    4. Now press the power button (yes, without any power going into the pc). Obviously nothing visible will happen, but you'd have discharged any static on the computer chassis.
    5. Now power up your pc and start it. It'll most likely get the keyboard this time.

    hope this works for you

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