Keyboard issues!!

i am having a real problem with the keyboard on my samsung netbook. capslock is reversed and numbers appear as symbols. i thought that this was probably due to the sticky keys function so i checked and found that those functions were not in uses. after several attempts to restart the netbook the problem was still not solved.

i eventually brought up the on screen keyboard and found that the shift keys flicker on and off of their own accord and occasionally do not respond to the buttons being pressed (either on the actual keyboard or the on screen keyboard)

additionally as i type this message only the right hand shift key is working - the left one is refusing to play
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  1. Hmm. It sounds like you have one or more bad contacts. The only thing I can think of is to check the cable connecting the keyboard to the MB, that it's secure. If so, and the problem persists, a new keyboard might be in order.
  2. Got to agree, we get this all the time at work. Usually just taking the keyboard out and putting it back in will solve it, obviously while your doing that you can look see if theres any damage/liquid in the laptop, if you do that and still nothing the most effective resolution is to buy a new keyboard.
  3. Alternatively you can try a USB/external keyboard and see if the issue is still there.
  4. That's a good suggestion for when you're not mobile at least.
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