16GB 1600mhz or mixed 24GB 1333mhz


Currently I am using i7 2600k, Asus P8P67 motherboard and 2x4GB 1333mhz Ram.
Now I have ordered 2x8GB 1600mhz Ram.

I understand that if I mixed both memory my new memories will slow down at 1333mhz.

So my question is I should use 2x8GB 1600mhz only or should I mix both memories?

I play games (Starcraft 2, Battled Field) and use Photoshop CS6, LightRoom and other heavy applications like Microsoft .NET, SQL server, Oracle Server, etc.

I also don't overclock my CPU. Thanks
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    Mix them as the 8 gB cards won't be much faster also put the 4 gB pairs in one coloured slot and the 8 gB pair in the other. This way you can use quad channel which will be twice as fast as having two cards.

    Forgot to mention if cards have different operating voltages your system might become less stable( some random crashes)
    Try this out first if it doesnot crEate any problems use it otherwise use the 8 gB pairs.
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