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I am building an AMD computer, and I really want to use the Bulldozers from amd. my 2 questions are, how much longer is AM3+ going to last, and is the scheduling difficulties that the bulldozer series experiencing hardware or software?
the second question arose after I had spoken with a tech at an AMD processor plant, he claimed that the scheduler in the octa core was fundamentally flawed, and automatically scales itself down to 3.2 ghz when under heavy loads. if anyone could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated
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  1. the way AMD does their new sockets is that if you put in an old processor you might not be able to use the new features such as PCI3.0 or the newest DDR speeds. however you should be able to put an AM4 CPU in an AM3+ socket. so the AM3+ socket will do you no wrong for a long time.
  2. Thank you for your snappy response to my first question. confirmation of assumption is always helpful. hopefully, someone out there know enough about cpu scheduling to help me narrow my search for a processor
  3. currently the FX chips are still being outperformed by the phenom ii's with the exeption of the 8core version. a well overclocked phenom ii x4 or x6 will still game better than the new FX processors from what i've heard.
  4. Thank you for your timely response, But gaming is not my only concern. What about in terms of graphics editing and animation, I am very much into modding, wich is why I was so interested in the octa cores boasting 8 threads. The general concensus of the fanboys is that windows 8 will cure all of our ills. is this true, or the desparate hope of a fanboy in the dark?
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    The biggest problem is that the architecture is simply inferior to Sandy Bridge in terms of efficiency. The scheduler fixes were already released but didn't really make a difference.,review-32365.html One is a Windows scheduler update, the other is a BIOS update for the throttling you mentioned. In other words, don't expect a miracle. It does beat the 2500K in some tasks but not most. It's still going to do everything you ask it to though, so no worries.
  6. sweet, was also a bit dissapointed with the BD architecture, but as long as ity does what is needed I will prolly purchase one
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  8. guess BD is a Big Disappointment (insert zonk sound from lets make a deal)
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