Which CPU is better for gaming?

http://www.systo.co.uk/components/processors/Phenom-II-X4-970-Black-HDZ970FBGMBOX.html ...Great deal i think, is the website legit?
or http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CP-309-AM&groupid=701&catid=6&subcat= ...I have heard that the quad core is better for gaming and light multitasking because core per core it is higher clocked and that Windows 7 doesn't take full advantage of AMD's 6core+ processors. Am i right or am i misinformed? Anyway which is better for gaming? Thanks.
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  1. you can get a phenon ii 955 and overclock to 970 (or just as high as the 970 would probably overclock) or get the 960t which is a x6 core with 2 disabled. with the right motherboard you should be able to unlock it with the press of a button or you can keep it at 4 cores and overclock higer for gaming. Look at some asus AM3+ boards!
  2. +1, get the quad
  3. I would get the 970.

    i am going for the same as i expect with some clever overclocking, you could get it to 4ghz easy.
  4. I'd probably get the X6 because while it's technically a little worse for gaming, it's better at other stuff. Plus, the difference is maybe a couple FPS.

    Otherwise save a few bucks and get a 955 or 965 like nagol said, and OC it yourself. They are basically the same chips so it should have no trouble reaching 970 speeds.
  5. the 955 to 980 BE phenom ii are all the same as well as the 960t 1100t . dont spend more on a card you can get for cheaper!
  6. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/amd-phenom-ii-x4-960t-black-edition-s-am3-30ghz-8mb-cache-95w-retail

    960T for £95 (plus 8 for delivery and scansure insurance) which is £30 cheaper than the two you mentioned and slightly better (if all cores are unlocked and OCed)

    it's from scan which is one of THE most reliable services for pc components in the UK.
  7. Hello ChosterF;

    Scan.co.uk is an excellent source for parts.
    And that 960T is great value.
    You'll probably get higher OCs with four cores than with the extra 2 unlocked unless you get lucky.
    -> Take the higher clocks and four cores over six and lower clocks.
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