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All of a sudden one day I started getting the "Reboot and select proper boot device" error on my Samsung notebook (model NP-QX410). I havent been installing new drives or anything unusual. The black error screen also says media test failure, check cable. I opened up the back but couldnt see anything unusual as far as the cable goes although I am not particularly computer literate. After reading other tips I also went into BIOS to check the boot order. 1 was AHCI CD: P1: TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-U633J and 2 was IDD HDD: N/A (this setting is the default). I imagine the N/A is causing the issue

I've read that sometimes this sort of error can be fixed by reinstalling the windows software although I no longer have the installation discs, and also given the messages above I'm not sure thats the right answer anyway.

Any help anyone could give me would be very much appreciated! I am trying to avoid getting hosed by a computer store if its something an ordinary person can fix themselves

many thanks!
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  1. OK well either your HDD died or the cable IDE cable is unplugged somehow...

    Double check the cables. Also set you HDD as you main boot drive and unplug all USB storage devices just to be sure.
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