Why did memory usage jump?

I noticed my memory usage running higher than usual.
In BF3 it went from a norm of 5GB to 7GB (of 8GB). Non gaming from 3GB to 4GB.
The only things I changed recently in the Nvidia Control Panel are:
Ambient Occlusion - Quality (prior setting- Off)
Vertical Sync - On (prior - Off)

Also, no gaming, my memory sits at 50% usage. And main usage comes from using Google Chrome (2 tabs)
So I turned Off the Ambient Occlusion and Vertical Sync and saw no change in memory usage while using Chrome.

I played BF3 for 10 minutes and the max memory usage monitored by OpenHardwareMonitor was 6.4GB. Still higher than normal. Also, in Task Manager, it is reporting the same values. So I'm sure the readings are correct.

I could restart the computer but I'd rather understand why I am seeing this. Any ideas?

I just closed the browser and memory went from 4.3 to 3.6gb. That's a huge difference.
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  1. You are using firefox to brows right? Have you installed any new add-ons?

    Also go into your Resource manager, search it in start bar and check what is using memory. Do this in different places, browsing, non-browsing...
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