Will this SLI setup work in my system?

Hey everyone, I want to go SLI mode with my EVGA GTX 570. I want to get the Asus ENGTX570 but I dont know if that will work. If that does not work with my existing card i will get the same EVGA GTX 570. I also have a corsair HX750w 750Watt PSU, will that be enough for two cards?
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  1. Different brands work in SLI, you just need newer drivers than Nvidia's 180s. As for the power supply I would suggest something a little more powerful.
  2. I read that 750 watts will be enough, as long as you don't OC the cards which i had no intention of doing
  3. I would agree, it's just that a little extra headroom is pretty good in my book, besides it helps the power supply maintain its efficiency if the power draw is between 65-85% of its rated output.
  4. true say, having more is always for comforting and efficient but i dont really feel like buying an 850W
  5. Okay stick with what you have. Manufacterer's sometimes sets lofty requirements anyway to cover their asses in case something goes wrong. I was using the 4870 x2 as a metric and AMD recommends a 650W power supply, considering that the 570 is slightly more power hungry and factoring in manufacterer inflation the 750 would handle it.
  6. i did a few power consumption tests on a power calculator and it said i needed at least 681 watts so i think i will continue to use my HX750. But i could get an asus ENGTX 570 a long with my existing EVGA 570? yes or no
  7. Go ahead, though 91% load isn't always the best the power supply could sustain it in stride.
  8. hmm well ill look around and consider an 850 watt
  9. You could also do 800, it's right at 85% efficiency assuming the load is accurate. You won't have to buy right now it's just something to consider further down the road when you want to SLI two 590s.
  10. 800 would be good too but i feel that 850 is more comforting but ill most likely never get a 590. A 570 is good enough for me
  11. Good for you, it gives a little more headroom to expand. Personally I wish I didn't go for my 650W when I knew I could never Crossfire nor would I ever surpass 500W.
  12. lol i was going for an 850w at first but thought i didnt need that for only 1 card, should of got it lmao
  13. Just future proofing, glad I could help in any way I can; good night.
  14. thanks a lot for the info
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