Problems with onboard graphic card

I bought recently asus v-pro with i7 2600k
When I see hd movies I have some interference vertical and horizontal stripes that come out more on fast movement in the movie

I was sure that it was the mobo and replace it with a new one
With the new mobo I have horizontal single thin line in the middle of the movie still appearing in fast movment
I see that problem better when im playing the movies with zoom player

I had asus p5kc and never saw that problems before

Can it be related to the sandy bridge technology ??
Please help ( :
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  1. Not likely. Full specs please?

    Reinstall Mobo graphics drivers. Then update windows.

    It could be a faulty chip. But Highly unlikely.
  2. Hi

    Full specs:
    Asus p8z68 –v –pro
    thermaltake toughpower xt 650w w0227ru
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
    i7 2600k

    I have install all new updates form Microsoft
    I install the cd that comes with the mobo and upgrade that drivers because of the problem …
    I even upgrade bios to the latest version .
    after 2 mobo that I tested I don’t have any reason to blive that this is the mobo
  3. which video player are you using?

    if its windows media player then try vlc player
  4. hi

    im using vlc , zoomplayer and more new players but all of them have the same problem.....

    i will attach the story by detailes becuse i try it in anuther forum but no answer ..... ( :

    sorry that is so long........... :

    I bought a new computer and install 2 os ( 7 and xp pro )
    After some tests I notice that the secondary display on Clone mode have a single horizontal stripe ( it always on the secondary display).
    When I'm using just 1 monitor dvi or hdmi (from onboard) in separate all is good
    But when I'm using clone mode the secondary output gets that horizontal stripe.
    Another problem is :
    When I'm using 1 screen and turn off the comp then I connect another screen and boot up the computer, the screen picture is distorted and I can't see a thing just lines and colors, I need to configure clone mode when the computer is on and then I can regular boot up without problem accept the strip problem that is still there….. ( :
    I replace the mobo and still the same problem
    I install new os ( win7 ) on deferent hdd and still the same problem
    I run the test from xp and from win7 and had the same problem…..
    I update the bios and download the latest drivers
    I test it with lcd monitor and tv screen and with 2 lcd monitors
    i suspect the cpu but everybody say is really rear that the problem is from the cpu
    recently tried to replace the cpu to another i7 2600k
    and then to i5 2500 , I thought that maybe it will be some deference because i7 is hd 3000
    and i5 2500 is hd 2000 it didn’t help ………………..
    "Asus p8z68 –v –pro
    thermaltake toughpower xt 650w w0227ru
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
    i7 2600k"
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