ASrock z77 axtreme4-m or pro4?

Is there any difference between those two mother boards that would make one better than the other?
I guess atx has more room but does it really matter? for example if i ever wanted to get second hd7970 card? For overclocking they are pretty much the same, no?
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  1. The Extreme 4 ATX is better for overclocking, connectivity, probably a little more reliable, and has better connectivity IIRC (I'd have to check to be more sure). It probably also has somewhat higher power consumption, but a system with a 7970 or otherwise high-end card is probably going to drown out that difference with the graphics and CPU.

    However, the Extreme 4 MicroATX versus the Pro4 ATX is a somewhat different deal... Why not get the Extreme 4 ATX? At least in the USA, it can currently be bought even cheaper than the Pro4 ATX and is a fairly high-end board despite it's price. It can hang with most much more expensive boards in the $150-200 range in many respects.
  2. In Estonia the extreme4-m and pro4 are both 104euros while extreme 4 (atx) is at 123 euros. Atleast in the shop i'm looking to order from.
  3. The Extreme series use Japanese high quality caps, this allows better more reliable overclocking and more reliable motherboard components....

    yes it is a micro ATX board but it will be no problem to crosfire duel slot cards like most HD7970s.

    Then again the micro should be the same price as the Extreme 4 ATX though, so I would suggest that one if you can get it. If not get the Extreme4-m.

    Also the Pro4 will not run two graphics card at x8 speed. It has one X16 and one x4. The Extreme4 has one x16 and one x8. This is the preferred crossfire config for bandwidth reasons.

    Bottom line. Extreme4-m is much better, but the Extreme4(normal) is prefered.
  4. thanks a lot. As i found out I should have made this question thread not discussion. No best answer now :/
  5. All good, glad we could help.
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