Radeon 4670 graphics card not recognized on windows xp computer

okay,so video card went out on computer,and someone who says he is an expert installed a radeon hd 4670 graphics card.now the computer has it in an unknown location so i cant update the driver and have absolutely no audio.want to know if anyone has any suggestions that may fix this.and plz,if u are not 100% sure dont answer.not trying to be mean,its just im still trying to fix what the last "expert" did.thnx so much.
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  1. Did you remove the old drivers first?
    What card did it replace?
    Did the expert install the new card in the same slot as the old?

    Installing a card and driver are not difficult. The easiest fix might be to reinstall the card. Here are some detailed instructions for installing a video card that you might find helpful:


    Note that it even includes a link to a video showing how to install ATI video cards.

    Also note that it is possible that the video card is bad. Did you purchase it new?
  2. the card was purchased new,and it appears to be in the same slot.so-i uninstalled and re-installed and it said it was not signed by windows.dude-between u and me,i dont think the guy knew what the hell he was doing.i mean,im no expert,by any means,but when the screen says not to continue the install-i listened.i do think it may be in the physcial install.cuz as soon as the screen comes on it says "unknown hardware" every time.thnx for the site,and i"ll try that.
  3. I am not sure but "unknown hardware" might just mean that it is new to the system. If so it should immediately ask if you want to install drivers or let it look for what is already available. Do you not get this option? Or is this when you get the "not signed by Windows" or "not to continue".

    Can you tell me exactly what messages you get in what order when you turned on computer immediately after the install - as best you remember - and what you get on startup now?
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