Having trouble with booting after installation of new motherboard

after installing a new OEM motherboard on my daughters dell dimension 3100 i can't regularly boot by just turning it on. everytime i power the computer up it always say missing device or drive and i would always have to F2 and go under maintenace and restore it to default to boot from there..
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  1. Check windows device manager for any marks next to a device, which means the device driver isn't loading or there's a conflict somewhere. Uninstall the device. You may need a windows cd to replace a driver when you reboot. I would also go into the bios by pressing the "del" key just before the post screen and set the boot order to cd>hardrive, save and exit. The replacement board may have an updated bios that has changed a setting which could also be causing your issue, and it wouldn't hurt to replace the motherboard battery, usually the round button battery cr2032, which you can buy at electronics shops or even some walmarts for $2-3. Frys sells them in 4 packs for about $5.
  2. thanks! got that problem fixed now but another problem pops in. all this time i thought the mother board was bad but now chrome,firefox,shockwave,flash is crashing like crazy! i even freshly installed windows xp pro sp3 same problem..don't tell me the hard drive is going bad.. CHEAP computer!!
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