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So I just recently got a new computer and moved it into my room, the easiest way I figured out for connecting my computer to the network was a 50' Cat6 cable that ran through the house to reach our wireless router. I've noticed increased lag spikes in games, even on servers that I have good ping on. My connection to the internet even cut out recently. I don't know much about networking so if I've made some glaring mistake my apologies. Anyway, I just want to know if there's something I can do about these spikes.
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  1. check the cable that it is not damaged.

    have you tried a different port?
  2. I've checked the cable and to my knowledge it's not damaged, it's also fairly new so I hadn't expected that. I switched the port on the back of the router, and so now I''ll just play around for some time to see if the lag spikes persist.
  3. I do use Win7, but I don't understand this, do I use my IP address, or the game server's? Could you also explain some of this in more detail?

    EDIT: Scratch that, talked to some other people. Just like me, they have Comcast, they all had issues as well, it hasn't happened recently though, and seems to be an issue with my ISP rather than my computer.
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