Can't decide what MOBO to buy for 3770k

I need a PC guru's opinion and NOT BIAS!!!! Truly I'm a ASUS fan at heart but when it comes to motherboards I always think go with Gigabyte first. With a i7-3770K on the way I need to figure out what board to go with something like a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H or a ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77. I've head horror stories with DOA asus's and failed PCI slots. Need help deciding on something stable and if I want to OC like hell it wont die on me. Strong evidence will be taken in consideration more.

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Antec 900 | Core i7 860 @ stock clock | PNY GTX 470 | Intel DP55WG | 8GB OCZ Dual Chan | Intel X-25M 80GB, (4)1TB WD Black | Earthwatt 500w |

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Cooler Master HAF932 | Intel i7-970 | Gigabtye UD3R MOBO | Corsair H50 | Intel X25-M | Nvidia GTX 580 | 6GB Corsair Dominators | (2) WD Black 1TB | Corsair GS 750 Watt PSU |

Asus Q500A-BHI5N01 Laptop

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    If you are looking to OC heavily you are going to want to go with either one of the Asus ROG boards (Maximus V) or the Gigabyte GA Z77X-UP7 since they are designed to clock heavily. The gigabyte currently holds the world record, and the 33phase CPU power delivery cycle is rock solid.
  2. Awesome i guess ill lean more towards the gigabyte boards then. I already have the UD3R for my 970 and no complaints. The UP7 seems a bit out of my price range but i might just save up and get it. It seems like a awesome board i wish it had at least one esata input on the back though. My dual HDD docking station is either usb 2.0 or Esata.
  3. With that many PCI lanes you can always just grab a PCIe 1x or 4x and put a eSATA card in there. They generally have better performance anyways.

    I know it's a bit pricey, but I am saving up for it as well.
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