HD Radeon 6870 - 3 monitors not working

I need some help here with my Radeon HD6870 with 3 monitors.

I bought this VGA card and i have 3 monitors (view sonic VX260WM) , the issue is i tried to hook up 3 monitors but no sucess at all.

I use 2 DVI + 1 Mini DP DVI and whenever i go to windows personalize and tried to enable 3rd monitor (with option: Extended) it said unable to save settings. When i go to Catalyst tried to identify monitor only show 2 enable the third one is not clickable, i verified this MINI DP port is Active one.

Can anyone help me, i need to enable 3 monitors. If anyone have this issue and have solution please provide one to me. I tried everything (even download latest catalyst and VGA driver yet not working, even use the original cd that come with this VGA yet not working), i switch 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 MINI DP with DVI also not working. i tried 2 DVI and 1 mini DP DVI also not working.
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  1. which monitor is not clickable? is the the DP monitor or one of the DVI ones? Is it always the same monitor or always the same cable that won't come up in Catalyst?
  2. I am having this exact same issue. I have an Active Adapter (I know this for sure), and when I plug it in the system will recognize 2 monitors but not a 3rd... The third just will not show up.

    This is infinitely annoying. :fou:

    I have verified the drivers 3 times. Updated my bios. Moved the monitors around. Tried doing numerous connections: IE. DV+mini-DP+HDMI, DVI+DVI+MINI-DP...will not work.

    I also believe it has caused my system to have a major crash which resulted in windows loading EXTREMELY slow and me having to enter into safemode to delete the driver before proceeding.

    I had an nvidia before this, and I am honestly thinking of selling my card to go back. This is crazy.
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