4x4 (16gb) ram problem

so i recently purchased 2x kingston hyperx blu ram so in total i have 4
i firstly installed all four of them just to test it out and see if they would work but my computer would just turn on and
after about 1 seconds or so just turn off, wouldnt show any picture...nothing

so i removeed 2 of them and tested it then and they worked absolutely fine!
why am i not able to use all four of the channels?

motherboard: z77-pro4m
cpu: i5 3330 3.0ghz
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  1. Sounds to me like 1 bad ram stick. Use one at a time and see if you can figure out which one is bad.
  2. yeah tried it but their all working :/
  3. Well that is odd. When you use 2 can you put them in both slots? If so run memtest x86 on each pair. If not then I would say it's the mobo.
  4. sorry what do you mean by put them in both slots?
  5. Since you have 4 slots on your mobo for ram you fill two of them at a time for dual channel. Probably blue and black slots. If you put 2 sticks in the blue or 2 sticks in the black does it work? If only one set of slots work then it is your mobo that's the problem.
  6. ahh okay ill give it a shot
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