New System Build - Is my PSU strong enough?

Hello Everyone,
I have a pretty simple question regarding my current PSU. I just recently replaced a good deal of the hardware in my data processing computer and am wondering if my power supply isnt strong enough to handle the new setup. Below I will detail the new components and the existing components that I kept. I will also explain why I feel as though it may be the power supply causing me some difficulty.

1. MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Fatality Z68 Professional Gen3
2. PROCESSER: Intel Core-i7 2600k (3.4GHz, not O/C)
3. SYSTEM DRIVE: (WD Velociraptor SATAIII 6.0 GB/s)
4. HEATSINK/FAN: Cooler Master Hyper 210 Heatsink (w/ fan)
5. RAM: 16GB Dual-Channel DDR3 (PC3-1600 G.Skill, not O/C)
6. O/S: Windows 7 Professional [64-Bit]

1. HDD: 4 x 500GB Seagate (SATAII)
2. HDD: 1 x 500GB Western Digital (IDE-PATA)
3. HDD: 1 x 250GB Western Digital (SATAII)
5. GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT [PCI-E] (using 6 pin connector)
6. POWER SUPPLY: Corsair TX-750w
7. 5 case fans
7. Cyberpower 1500AVR UPS

Description of my problem:
First and foremost, the build and OS installation went smoothly. However, after using the system for a day or two it would randomly freeze for a second (I am able to move the mouse, just not click on anything). Then, after about 3-5 seconds, I will hear a *click* and the system will continue to function normally. Also, I sometimes hear random *clicks* within the case (sounds like the machine is shutting down, when its really not). Here is the kicker, this same thing happened to my old setup (different mobo, different boot HDD (shown above). The only difference is that my old system would do this CONSTANTLY and this system does it much less frequent. Could it possibly be the power supply not supplying enough power to the components within the case?
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  1. Is it the same case?
  2. Theoretically you have enough power imo.
    The TX750 is a good unit.
    More then likely one of your numerous hdds is the problem.
    7 hdd's and clicking and freezing!
    Hmmmm! i wonder!
  3. Sorry, I didnt specify. Yes, it is the same case. It is a Thermaltake Armor (old edition).
  4. Sorry, I didnt specify. Yes, it is the same case. It is a Thermaltake Armor (old edition).
  5. Its probably one of the HD like Davcon said. You are probably hearing it less frequently due to the system drive being different.

    How are the HD's configured? You don't have them in one big raid 0 do you? If not, just disable them one at a time and see if the problem goes away when a specific one is disconnected.
  6. @ totalknowledge - I have no raid configured. They are all stand alone drives. I process large amounts of data on this system. The data is spanned out across all the drives in certain configurations. The system drive is not used for any processing. This makes it easy to rebuild a system if need be.
    @ davcon - I downloaded the western digital datalifeguard application and ran 'Quick SMART' tests on all of my hard drives. All came back ok. Some of my HDD are Seagate. However, the WD application seemed to run the test successfully.
  7. Smart doesn't always diagnose all HD problems. I would still try and disconnect one drive at a time to see if you can isolate one that is causing this.
  8. @ totalknowledge - Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. Another reason why I think my PSU may be hampering performance is because I ran 'PerformanceTest (64bit)' and my score was much lower than others with very similar setups. It didnt seem like any score imparticular was lower (just seemed like alot of them were lower).
  9. Download
    Get a general idea what's going on.
  10. It just seems unlikely to me to be a PSU issue.

    The TX 750 Should be delivering more than sufficient power to your system. Also the freeze and then recover isn't indicative of power problems.

    If it is power related it would be more likely power lags, do you have a line-interactive or apc on your system?

    eta: It looks like you do have a regulating UPS, but I would find it more likely that its failing rather than the Corsair unit. Still I am not convinced its a power issue.
  11. @totalknowledge - Would I be able to achieve higher performance with, say, a 1000w+ PSU?
  12. No, as long as your equipment is getting the power it needs, any more available won't do anything. Its not the same as over volting your cpu/chipset/memory...

    Go here:

    And plug in your stuff... With what you have listed, and my best guess at what else you may have plugged in I am only coming up with around 550W max load.
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