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I recently got a HTOmega Striker 7.1, primarily for Dolby Live in Games (Analog output on my onboard sounded very "weak")

I've got the HTOmega driver from their site installed and working fine, and here's what I want to do with the card.

I want games in Dolby Live (I have a 7.1 setup with an Onkyo Receiver and Polk Monitors as speakers). I also use MANY video sources, some of which are in 5.1 and some in stereo. I want the card to emulate 7.1 from stereo sources (such as the Daily Show, streamed from, music to be emulated into 7.1, etc. All while preserving the true surround in 5.1 or higher sources (netflix through media center and through firefox, as well as my digital copies of my DVDs that have 5.1 sound)

Anyways...I have gotten the card to play surround from movies and games just fine, but the 7.1 upconversion from 2 channel sources is still a pain in the butt. The Daily Show in Stereo is really annoying to me.

Can anybody help with this issue? I downloaded the cmi8770 driver directly from Cmedia, though I haven't installed it. I just want some advice from some of you guys that are more knowledgeable in this area. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Well, you handle upmixing via Dolby Pro Logic. Make sure thats ticked, and it should upconvert to how many speakers you have the system set to use.
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