Antialiasing not available in Intel HD 2000 graphics ??


I recently bought Intel Core i3-2100 processor with Intel DH61WW motherboard. I ran NFS Most Wanted. But I am not able to switch on Antialising and Shadows !!!!
Otherwise framerate is good. What is this ?? Is there any solution ?
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  1. It suppose it may depend on the game. I have a laptop (IdeaPad Y470) has an Intel HD 3000 graphics core and a GeForce GT 550M graphics core. Crysis and Fallout 3 (requires a hack for any integrated video card) allows me to select AA x2 and x4 while using the HD 3000.

    I read that people playing the Sims 2 have no options for AA. Therefore, it probably depends on what the game allows you to choose. Besides, AA really brings down your performance. Play Crysis with the HD 3000 on 1366x768 resolution with low settings an no AA resulted in an frame rates ranging between 18 - 23 FPS. Switching on AA to x2 brought the frame rates down to an average of 8 - 11 FPS.
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