Problems with RAM memory

Hi, I am Greg! :)

I've got some serious (for me) problem with my new Ram memory.

I have little bit old laptop - Lenovo 3000 N200 with:

Motherboard LENOVO IEL10, Chipset; Intel. 1,6Ghz Dual-Core
and RAM Memory:
2x 512MB DDR2
PC2-5300 (333MHz) - effective 666~7 MHz
CAS Latency (CL) 4.0

To improve this slowpoke I've recently bought two sticks of Ram Memory:
GoodRam 2GB
DDr2 2GB 667MHz CL5

After interting this and turning of my..Retardo (this is my laptop's name) it stops at Lenovo welcome window. And doesn't want to start Windows :/
I've read thousand of Ram switching articles before I bought new sticks and I thought everything will work fine. Well, I was wrong.
Actually machine "sees" new RAM but that's all what it does. So IMO sticks are fine - not broken ir sth.
So I'm really really looking for any help with this.
Only thing I see that is different is CL. But I don't know how to switch/change/relate to this.

If anyone has ANY idea what to do now...please help! I will appreciate any signs of help here :cry:
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  1. You need to check if your laptop can handle that speed and that much memory. Some older DDR2 laptops can only handle 1.5 GB. Also maybe it's too fast, and timings are usually essential in laptops. Usually you cannot change this as the BIOS is locked, so you need new memory, identical to the previous memory you had before in speed and timings.
  2. Thank you for your respone.
    Yep, I've already dig to this. But now I am totally confused.
    At Laptops manual it says:
    Standard memory

    512‐MB DDR2‐667 SDRAM SO‐DIMM (PC2‐5300) card × 1

    512‐MB DDR2‐667 SDRAM SO‐DIMM (PC2‐5300) card × 2

    1‐GB DDR2‐667 SDRAM SO‐DIMM (PC2‐5300) card × 1

    2‐GB DDR2‐667 SDRAM SO‐DIMM (PC2‐5300) card × 1

    Optional memory

    512‐MB DDR2‐667 SDRAM SO‐DIMM (PC2‐5300) card × 1

    1‐GB DDR2‐667 SDRAM SO‐DIMM (PC2‐5300) card × 1

    2‐GB DDR2‐667 SDRAM SO‐DIMM (PC2‐5300) card × 1

    (maximum of 2.0 GB)

    So what the hell is standard and what the hell is optional? Daaaaamn :/
    And now I found that thing:
    Which says that biggest compatibile memory is: 1GB PC2-5300 CL5 DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM
    Well.. it looks crazy, doesn't it?
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