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Better Motherboard or Better Processor first?


Limited budget. Usage is a computer which will be used for my experiments.. hardware and software.. Gaming (racing/strategy.. no fps), occasional movie conversions..
Hackintosh :)

Planning to do some development on it, but we'll see..

Considering these processors: Intel Pentium G860 or Core i5-2400
Motherboards: Gigabyte GA H61-D2-B3 or a z68 motherboard..

Problem: Like I said, Limited budget. So I can build component by component. I have a HD4770, and I'm ok with it for now. Do I get a good motherboard and then upgarde the processor or do I go in for a decent motherboard and go in for the Core i5?

I also don't think i'll need more than 8 GB or RAM, do you guys see any need for more RAM?

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  1. i5-2400 and H61 EASILY. you don't need z68 since you can't overclock the i5-2400 and you don't have SSD.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Cutebeans!! Was wondering about Ivy Bridge too :) Does it make sense to go in for the Pentium and wait it out?

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    If you have an i5-2400, I doubt you would need to upgrade to Ivy bridge right away. The i5-2400 will be pretty good until the next gen after Ivy bridge.
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