Can you Crossfire two ati radeon 4850hd's with zalman vf1000s,?


I recently decided to add an aftermarket cooler to my radeon 4850s, i didnt even know they existed at first but now i know i need one, temps are running high playing simple sports games, nba2k10 and mlb2k10, my question is how much distance from card to top/bottem of the cooler is there? i have a maximus extreme motherboard with two pcix's and a i thnik its called a cnr slot between them, which is where the first cooler should sit..the second cards cooler has alot of space below, but its the space inbetween that concerns me,please help
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  1. What is the exact model of your mobo?

    Usually adding a aftermarket cooler to a dual slot card will add another slot so it turns it into a 3 slot card.But I think the Zalman is small so it won't add another slot.It should be the same distance between the cards as it is now.
  2. Yah it looks like it's the same size as the reference cooler.In fact it looks smaller.
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