Fan Xpert 2

Hi all,

Just finished my first build.

The only issue i seem to be having is in Fan Xpert 2.

The CPU fan shows up

The 1st front fan shows up, displays the RPM and is displayed in white.
The 2 front fan shows up, dispalys the RPM but is greyed out
The rear fan in Chassis Fan 3 solt on MB does not show and reads 0 RPM (even though it is spinning)
Chassis Fan 4 is in yellow but nothing is plugged in to it.

All fans seem to be working so i am curoius as to why these irregulaities show and Chassis fan 4 is uneditable. Is is a MB issue or Fan xpert2 issue or some dumb thing i overlooked (common)

Appreciate any help, thanks
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  1. It could be either one. I would install HWmonitor by CPUID, and see if the fans show up there. If they show up in HWmonitor then the issue is with fan Xpert2, if they do not show up in HWmonitor then the issue is more likely to be with your motherboard.
  2. I would also try using a different fan on the same header.

    I had a fan with a bad "sense" connection out of the box. It spun at what I assume was 12v, but it couldn't be "seen" by the MB.
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