I'm not very good with computers, but I kind of get it. I have a PC I want to upgrade. Specifically just the motherboard and processor. I'm looking to use this PC just for editing on Sony Vegas and that only. I have a laptop that does everything else for me. At the moment my processor speed is 1.6ghz and it's lags horribly on Sony Vegas so I hoping to upgrade to a 3.0ghz. Will that be good enough for Sony vegas? I also am upgrading the ram to 8gb. My question is..

This is the computer that I have

and I was hoping to upgrade to this

I'm having trouble determining if the motherboard would even fit.
Hopefully, I gave enough information. If I need to provide more, please let me know.

And if it does fit.. Will I need to buy a new OS cd? I don't currently have one for it.

OR do I even need to upgrade the mobo? Can I just upgrade the processor? If so, does anybody have any recommendations?
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  1. You will need to upgrade both the processor and the CPU, BUUUT it won't fit in your current chassis.

    What is your budget?
  2. The most affordable for what I need it to do
    i would also pick up an 8g ddr3 match 1600 speed kit for the new system. i would use the old drive and cd-rom if there sata for the new system. some system have the restore cd info on a hidden partion of the hard drive. you may have a program that make the disks for you but you need a set of blank dvd disks. if not if your in school you can buy windows from the ms edu program at a discount or buy an oem windows 7 from ebay or new egg.
  4. Can anybody give me some recommended items that I need? I have already bought some 2x4gb g.skills from newegg. As for the mobo, I need help choosing and whatever else I may need to get my computer up and running. I may have to buy Windows because I highly doubt it would work, I read somewhere that once it is installed, it is attached to the mobo.
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