Need help/opinions on new build please

I have already decided on most of the parts that im buying except i have a dilemma with CPU/GPU

My first option is i-5 2500k and Asus 6850 HD Direct CU
My second option is Phenom II 965 and gtx 560 Ti

They even out at basically the same price with 1155 mobo being 10 euros more expensive then an AM3+ one. Pc is for gaming, and gaming only. My resolution isnt high 1440x900 and im not a "max it out" freak, i can enjoy games on medium quality.

My main concern is future-proofing my pc. If i go with Intel i got IvyBridge to go to after 2500k gets old which is a lot of time i'd say. And if i go AMD i could have options for Piledriver when the Phenom II gets old (quicker then SB for sure?) but the way BDvsSB turned out im guessing Ivy will rip it... And another concern with goin AMD is if Piledriver does come out bad im stuck with unupgradable mobo and outdated cpu..
Note - I have a gpu upgrade in mind @fall 2012.
So, opinions please? What would you do, and why?
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  1. The i5-2500k with the 6850 is best since your res is low.
  2. If youre going to upgrade gpu in fall anyway, get the better cpu, with better future.

    The 6850 is a good enough card to last a year with high settings on most games coming out. And the cpu is good for some much more.

    i5-2500k overclock it and cry tears of joy.
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