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Best processor for single-core app

I am trying to spec a system to do a specific task. If I had an application (let's say that it is a FO-Processor written in Java) that runs on a single core only, what current processor would run this app the fastest? And I'm not looking for suggestions in the realm of supercomputing, but something accessible and affordable (ie. Core i7, etc.)
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    You'd probably be best getting a k series Sandy Bridge processor so that you can go off to the races with overclocks. The 2500k should be great and runs around $225.
  2. +1...was thinking previous generation Clarkdale, but that highest they got was 3.6, you can get a 2500k disable 2 cors and off to the races you go
  3. Thanks!
  4. Pretty much any duel or quad core intel cpu with good overclocking ability beyond 4ghz.
  5. get the i5 2500k. It has the best single core performance of an cpu out right now.
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