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Hey Guys,

In the past 2 weeks my computer has been derping like crazy. Anytime i play anything over like 360p such as games, my computer gets a checkered screen then goes black, then comes back on. It then says display driver has stopped responding. Most of the time, it comes back on and is fine. however, about 1/10 times my comp will reset. Im really starting to rage cause i built it 2 month ago. Any help will earn you a cookie!!!

My graphics car is NVIDIA GeForce 550ti.
750 watt power supply.
2 sticks of 2gb ram.
something like quad 3.4 processor.
AMD black edition cant remember what else.

email is joevg95@yahoo.com <-- Lulz i know
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  1. If you are overclocking your video card, return it to stock clocks, an unstable overclock can cause this problem. Can you give more information about the PSU? Brand? Model number? A good quality PSU shouldn't have a problem powering your system, but a poor quality power supply may not be providing enough power, or it is not providing the proper voltage to your components.

    Did you install any new drivers for your video card just before this problem started? If so, try rolling back to the previous version and see if the problem persists.

    It's also possible that the card has gone bad and will need to be replaced. If you or a friend have another computer that can run your video card, try running it in another system and see if the problem persists. If the problem carries over to the other system, then the video card is at fault and you'll need to contact the manufacturer about getting a replacement.
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