3500+ Venice and GTX560?

Hi. I'm putting together a new computer so I hope seeking some advice on these forums a couple of times in future will be ok.

The setup I'm trying to put together is quite expensive, and so I was thinking of doing it in steps, and mixing it with my old setup.

My old gaming setup

AMD 3500+ Venice ~ 2.2 ghz
ASUS A8N-E motherboard
Point of View Geforce 7800 GTX ~ 256 mb GDDR3
4 gb Kingston value ram.

My new setup

i5 2500k
MSI Z68A-GD65 motherboard
MSI GTX560 ti TwinFrozr ~ 1 gb
8 gb Corsair Vengence ram
Corsair GS650 psu

Instead of buying everything now, I was wondering if it would make any sense to upgrade my old one?

So for example,

Getting a GTX560 and the new PSU and putting in with the 3500+ Venice?


Getting i5 and the MSI Z68 and using the old 7800 GTX? (or would the onboard in this case be better?)
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  1. the 560ti will be bottlenecked by the 3500+

    the 7800 will be better than the on-board HD3000, but will stiill be a bottleneck to the 2500K
  2. Yeah, that's a pretty big mismatch of parts and speed. If you can afford it, do the whole new system. The GTX560 is way, way more video card than the AMD rig can push, and the 7800 is so dated it would not even fall into the bottom-end category for a modern gaming GPU.
  3. Wow, that's a major bottleneck, I would say that a core i5 with low, low end video card (GT 520) could be faster, than the 3500+ with a GTX 560 Ti.

    Saying that I would recommend u to upgrade CPU + MOBO, and exchange videocard later.

    This 1 core CPU its surely killing every game u put into it.
  4. Well, it has served me well since 2005, and has played every game at max until Crysis came out. Then I replaced it with a horrible HP laptop, which basically makes the same amount of noise as a small fighter jet engine and delivers equal amount of exhaust heat..

    So generally a bad idea.. but if had to be done, it I should go with the cpu + mobo combination.

    Just wondering - how powerfull is the onboard graphics of the i5/Z68? Can I watch movies / play casual games?
  5. yes, the onboard Hd3000 will do everything except games perfectly well
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