Graphics card not showing video with monitor.

Ok. Just put a new pc together. Everything seems to be working. Fans on graphics card are spinning and seem to be getting power to everything. When i hooked up monitor to gfx car via hdmi and dvi i did not get any display whatsoever. Tried the monitor on my ps3 and it worked fine. I have no onboard gfx card on motherboard but am about to try a different gfx card just to see what happens. Plugged sapphire into pci express 16x then plugged 2x 8 pin pci express power cord into gfx card and made sure i had good connection. I have 2 power cords coming from power supply that are 2x 8pin but not sure if i should try both of them. Obviusly im a newb but maybe someone can help me?


Viewsonic 24in vx2453mh-led r
Cooler master storm scout
Vga sapphire hd 6950 2g r
Mb gigabyte ga-99fxa-ud3 am3+ r
Psu antec 750w hcg-750 rtl
Ripjaw gskill 4gb ram x2
Cpu amd phenom x4 970 3.5ghz am3 rt
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  1. Update: tried a different gfx card with the same result. I dont think i have a way to test cpu or motherboard right now. I dont think there should be any compatability issues but not positive.
  2. Are you using the top PCI-Express x16 top slot?
    Some mobo's default to only the top slot if using a single card.

    Your PSU has x4 6+2 pins.The 6950 only needs x2 6 pins.So just use the 6 pin part of the 6+2 pins.

    If you've tried a different card than I would think it's a defective mobo.Might have to RMA it.
  3. I am using the top slot so I guess thats not it. Might go buy a new mobo and see if it works. Kind of want to get it running before monday.
  4. 1. Use TWO 6 pin power cables.

    2. Sounds like the monitor is set for a different input. Use the OSD (on screen display) to select the DVI input.
  5. The monitor should Auto Configure but I guess you could give it a try.
  6. I am so sorry guys. Thanks for your input but i missed a cpu cable i was supposed to hook up to the motherboard. Told you i was a newb. lol Anyways, now i have to figure out how to make an old hard drive work with my new pc. Prolly have to reformat it and reinstall windows?
  7. By old do you mean IDE/Ribbion Cable old or just from your previous PC?

    If their are no other HD's with OS's on it then it should work just fine(Plug&Play).Usually the OS will re-adjust to accommodate the new hardware.

    If it doesn't work don't reformat it just re-install from the CD.It will put the old OS and everything else previous to the fresh install in a Windows.old folder.That way you don't loose anything.
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