Do serial ATA 3 cables for SSD come with my motherboard?

Title, I have the Asrock Extreme 4 Gen 3 P67 mobo.
I need them for my crucial m4 ssd 128gb
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  1. Yes they do , if you look at the cable itself they are usually marked.
  2. I have 4 right here that say serial ata 6g, is that them?
    If so then I need to find my 3g ones xD
  3. Sata III = Sata 6
    Sata II = Sata 3
    Use you Sata 6 cables and attach to the INTEL sata III ports, Do Not use the Mavel sata III ports for the M4.

    Don't forget:
    1) Set Bios to AHCI
    2) After windows installation download the latest Intel RST driver, ver 10.6, and install
    3) download AS SSD install and run (Do Not need to run Benchmark, look at upper left:
    ... For Firmware should show 0009 (This provided a performance boost over previous firmware)
    ... Driver should be iaSTor = OK
    ... Partition algingmnet should = OK
  4. can I use sata 6 GBS on a 3 GBS hard drive?
  5. as in the cables
  6. anyone?
  7. Yes
  8. Any chance you could give me a tad more then "yes"?
  9. They have the same pin out/wires. The diff, if any would be in the shielding and impeadiance (Sata 3 should allow for a higher frequence). It's a lot like the OLD 40 wire ve 80 wire IDE ribbon cable. For standard Sata II/III devices inmost cases the two cables can be used interchangable. This does not include the mSata conector.
  10. mSata Connector?
    Sorry I'm new at this stuff
  11. They have come out with smaller HDDs and DVD drives primarilly for laptops.
    Nie Normal laptop HDD is a 2.5" drive, they have started selling a 1.8" Hard drive and a slimmer Dvd drive. these new drives use a mSata connector - smaller than the normal SATA connector.
  12. What about SSDs? Do they use the MSATA?
  13. ONLY if it is a 1.8" SSD, vast majority are 2.5" SSDs and use the normal sata contecor.
  14. it is the crucial m4 128 gb ssd :) so I think it is 2.5
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