Unable to Edit My Own Thread...

Hi Everyone,

I created a a few threads in the past. I noticed that i had a misspelled word in the title so i thought of editing it and correcting the mistake. But when i edited the thread and clicked on submit i got an error message of something like "You cannot edit this thread". Is it a bug or are all threads not allowed to be edited? I can do a quick edit though. Its just that i cant do the normal edit.
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  1. Hi,

    Does this only really happen when editing the title?

  2. No... Few weeks ago i tried to edit the thread as well and got the same thing. Since it was my first thread created by me on the forum i thought... "Maybe coz this is the first thread i am creating, i am not allowed to change it!"
  3. UK or US forum?
  4. UK forum!
  5. Problem identified. It's full of bugs... :)
  6. I'm the bug catcher!!! :sol:

    Thanks all! :love:
  7. Hi,

    Thanks, I'll try to let them know. However, as randomizer said, the UK forum has quite a few bugs. For now, just use the quick edit. Hopefully, all the UK bugs can be fixed soon.

  8. Well today my Quick Edit option is also gone! I clicked on it and instead of the text are opening all i saw that the post went blank! I have attached a screen shot. Please look into this!


    After Clicking the Quick Edit Button:
  9. You can't use IMG tags for locally stored files (do you really want this site to have such easy access to your PC? ;)), you'll need to upload them to Photobucket or some other hosting site.
  10. Sorry about the pics! I thought i would add the screen shots. But i don't see, how to attach pics as well! :(
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