Need help on compatibility for Vishera

Hey guys i just sent my friend a build with this mobo with this CPU and wanted to make sure that they were compatible right out of the box, the problem is he already ordered it so if they are not compatible what can i do, i dont have another amd CPU i can use to update the bios with so im out of luck on that. Please help this is the first time i have built a computer for anyone else and i dont want to F*** this up and possibly sour a friendship! :sweat:
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  1. cross your fingers. Did you read the one egg and two egg reviews on that motherboard before you recommended it? Maybe you will be lucky.More than a few felt they had chosen ..... UnWisely ...
  2. Darn, well hopefully it will work, they were only talking about the 8 core models though
  3. they are talking about the build quality of the motherboard,irregardless of processor used.
  4. I meant when they brought up the compatibility issues, but thanks for the replies!
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    its not as bad as you may think and the mobo and processor are compatible out of the box. here's that mobo's cpu support list:
    you should relax :)
  6. Thank you very much man, i wasnt sure if they were saying its "compatible" in the bios update way or compatibile out of the box, well that about answers it thanks for the answers guys!
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  8. you are welcome Bryce ...glad to help:)
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