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Just recently my video card died, it was over heating and was old a 9800gt so i knew it was going out, so i ordered a new video card a sapphire radeon hd 7770 ghz edition with vapor x tech, so recently i have been using tye onboard graphics card and it was working fine for a while but now when i run games (league of legends) it has started frying the vga cables, nothing noticeable on the cord just when i replace the cord it happens again, my question is if i put the new one in will it fry the video card or hurt it in anyway, i assume that the onboard is going out or the motherboard is going out, also could the motherboard have caused the old video card to go out.
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  1. "Frying" cables implies a short of some sort. Make sure nothing is sticking into the VGA socket on the mobo.
  2. Ok i went in and checked and nothing i could see was in the socket or touching it near the mothorboard, its all rather clean and from what i remember the motherboard stayed around 30 degrees Celsius,
  3. So whats everybodys opinion, if put the video card in is it going to hurt it?
  4. i would do a test with a old video card but there could be something with the board or the psu use this to see what voltage it read and compare them with your bios reading
  5. I do remember when the 9800 gt worked it was using too much power i think it was using 130 watts and it was the 512 version which is only supposed to use like 98 watts i think.
  6. also do as COLGeek tell you see if there is nothing that could cause short with the case or any connector on the board or in the back of her
  7. I checked the vga port and the mothorboard theres nothing touching it or stuck inside the port, so is it safe to put the video card into the computer since i will be disabling the onboard, also if the motherboard did burn the new graphics card out would the warranty cover it?
  8. I will work on testing an old video card in it soon but i have to get a new vga cable first.
  9. if you dont want to loose another cable and the old test card ask for rma of that motherboard if she still under warranty
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