Bootup Resolution

Bootup Resolution

I have been looking to fix this one for ages but could not find any fix, hope someone can help me here. My boot splash screen is not fully spread across my monitor. I see a black border around the corners. It’s only at the boot screen though, after boot I get full 1920x1080. It’s not the bios logo because same black border I see in bios settings as well and when I am installing windows. I know it only appears for 10 seconds but I hate it.

I desperately want to get rid of that black border.

Solutions already tried:

1)I came to know 1920x1080x32 vesa mode is not available in my card’s vbios. So I edited vesa resolution of my card using RBE/ ATIwinflash and I can see 1920x1080x32 and I have confirmed it. It fixed the resolution and the windows/ubuntu flashing icon does not look fat now. But still the screen is not fully stretched across to the corners.

2)Tried via HDMI to DVI adapter

3)Scaling of monitor is not supported on digital input (DVI)

I am using Gigabyte HD5750 card and LG’s 1920x1080 resolution monitor connected using DVI. If I use vga connection I don’t see the black border anymore on my splash screen/in bios settings.
Thanks in advance
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