350 watt PSU for HD 4670 or 5670

intel E2180 @2.00ghz
RAM 2.00 GHZ

would HD 4670 or 5670 work on my pc. The recomended PSU is 400 watt.
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  1. thx for the reply
  2. I'm currently running a quality 380w PSU with a AMD 6850, which requires a bit more power than the 4670/5670, so you should easily power those GPU's (assuming you have a quality PSU).
  3. okay thx on the PSU it says +3.3v +5v+ 12v -5v -12v i dont really understand nut i know it is 350 watt
  4. What is the make and model of the PSU. That will help out more than the voltages that you listed.
  5. the model is ATX-350watt
  6. the model is ATX-350watt
  7. for +12v it is 9A max output peak output 12A
    for +5v it is 18A max output peak output 20A
    for +3.3v it is 12A max output peak output 14A

    its like that http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/kingnod/product-detailGTnJRUEAerto/China-PC-Power-Supply-ATX350-88-.html
  8. 18A on the 12v rail is a bit low for a 350w PSU. Antec's 380w PSU has 28A on the combined 12v rails, so that should be the benchmark to reference the 350w PSU that the OP has. Even the 350w Antec PSU on Newegg has 23A on the combined 12v rails, so I wouldn't put more than the 4670/5670/6670 GPU into that system. You might want to upgrade the PSU, so you can have some piece of mind.
  9. thx 4 reply dude
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