NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT Running WAY Too Hot (97C Load)

My GPU is running at 65C when it's on idle. When it's on full load, it gets to like 97C. It is the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT. Why? I have 2x 120mm intake fans, one in the front, and one on the side. I also have a 120mm outtake fan in the back. I'm using Afterburner to set the GPU's fan at 100% at all times. Before when I had it said on Auto, it went to like 75C idle.

What's going on? I have all these fans, the PC is in a pretty open area, and the GPU fan is running on max. The games I play don't even take up much graphics, like Duke Nukem Forever and Team Fortress 2. I dusted the whole case as well. I DUSTED THE WHOLE THING, there is pretty much NO dust in there whatsoever. The card is also dust-free, I opened the thing up and did so. I also re-applied thermal compound onto it, and it didn't do a thing.

I've TRIED switching fans around, like having the side fan taking OUT air rather than taking air IN. I've tried everything. Nothing makes a difference, nor helps.

Yes, I overclocked the card just a tad bit, by like 75MHz, but only for about an hour, then I set it back to stock settings, so it should be normal again. I have no idea why it's so hot. Please help.

I posted this thread on here before, but I don't give a crap because my first post didn't get a response that helped me, almost every response just asked a question to something I had already answered ON my post... like "did you dust the case"? Plus, I don't FEEL like waiting for a response, it's been hours and I wasted my ENTIRE Saturday trying to find a solution to this ridiculous problem. Whenever I play a game to relax myself for a bit, it goes up to almost 100C.

YES, my case is in a nice, open area. It has about 8'' for the side intake fan for, a bunch of feet for the front intake fan, and about a foot for the back fan and the PSU fan. My room is kinda hot, like in the 75's or so (I didn't check my temperature, I don't know), but that shouldn't make the card's temperature go up by 30C.

I've had this card for over 8 months, and it was bought used, so who knows how long the previous owner had it. I'm surprised it's still alive, and it took me up until this morning to realize it's temperature was way too hot.

It's NOT my case's fault, my other parts are running at nice temps, like the CPU is at 39-45C and my hard drives are at about 33-37C, but my GPU? 64-67C, IDLE, AND 100% forced fan speed. Without that, it runs at 75C idle.

Here's my specs for further information...

CPU - Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 @ 2.7GHz
RAM - 4GB of DDR2 @ 333MHz
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
Storage - 2 HDD's (1x 750GB, 1x 160GB)
PSU - Ultra LSP 650Pro (650w)
Chassis - Raidmax Blade (Mid-ATX)

Hopefully, I'll get an answer that might actually come close to helping me. Don't respond if you don't know what the problem is. Thanks.
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  1. It might be due to the dust building up in your 9800GT. You should clean it up and see the temps again

    Even if the games isn't graphic intensive, it will still run at full load to produce as much fps as possible
  2. I already said that I had completely dusted the card, I opened the thing up and even re-applied thermal compound. Please read the whole post next time, thanks.
  3. what is your exact room temp? is it 75c like you mention in your post? please clarify this first because if your room temp was really that high that might explain why the temp was high even with dust free heatsink and new thermal compound. also there are chances that your gpu fan already died hence even with 100% fan speed the temperature is still high.
  4. Replace the cooler, I can tell that you got one than came with a very poor quality cooler which was very common during that time. Basically with the high cost of the pcb and other components they often got very cheap on the cooler leaving most to cook.
  5. Had the exact same problem with my 9800GT. The horrible cooling caused me to stop gaming due to it hitting 90C+ with 100% fan. I just recently broke down and bought an Accelero S1 Rev 2 for 30$. Then I zip-tied a 120mm fan onto it that I had lying around. Altogether it dropped my load temps 30C and my idle temps 20C.
  6. I got a Zalman VF900 on one of mine along with a copper vram cooler/plate and it does very well. I did have one scare though when the cable had came unplugged from the board and the card hit 112c before I had noticed. It didn't crash or throw artifacts but got lucky. The other uses a p4 cooler that I drilled and it only tops out in the 60s but it is rather wide. Going with Zalman or Accelero will solve your cooling issues.
  7. This is actually the card's normal temperature under load for me. I ran BF3 on Low settings on Metro, not even full screen and this card had reached a max of 92 degrees Celcius, put it in Full Screen on maps like Caspian and Firestorm and the temps reach a max of 97, and strangely idle around 62 in everyday web browsing. During watching videos the norm is about 74 degrees, and during playing a game of Microsoft Flight Simulator X the highest temp I encountered was actually around 82 degrees, with normal being around 75.

    I also graphed all of my PC's temperatures in SpeedFan, I'll post them later on.
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