Want to make my computer into a gateway more or less

Been checkin some forums and still have not seen anything like this.... basically I want to take my SX280 and turn it into a gateway in a way. What I have is 2 24dbi antennas hooked into some RaLink usb wlan cards, and hooked into this comp and i want to be able to share the network connection with a hub. I have a WRT150N and 3 WRT54G routers, and one 9 port (8 port utp, 1 port bnc) hub. I would like to stay away from the last one unless it is better then i think, as it is only 10 mbps where as the rest are 100. any pointers?
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  1. A bit like that only I would like to be able to utilize the secondary routers wifi capabilities, and the last time I tried something like this I bricked my first WRT54G, since then have invested in a universal jtag, and bought 2 other bricked 54s and brought them back to life. Have not been brave enough to try it again, although that was the first route I wanted to go. From what I understand you cant use both the ethernet ports, and the wlan if you go this route? is that even close to right?
  2. I set everything up right, but the release I used was not compatible (v24 VPN Generic) so it actually bricked my wrt when I tried to set it up as a client (couldn't ping). I have one other question, is something like this possible?

    Didn't really have much time so it is a little sketchy... but you get the idea.

    Thanks for your help so far too. Much appreciated.
  3. Answer my own question with some trail and error. Thanks for the input.
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