Oh god please help me

Hey guys I've posted recently about this but wanted to start a new thread.

Problem: Playing game (world of warcraft in this instance) and I will lag (my character will get stuck in whatever animation i was doing at the time, I can still run around, but I'm obviously lagging, And im sure to everyone else around me, my character is probably running in place) Which is something I see sometimes around me from players with bad computers or crappy internet.

WELL, I've replaced my modem, replaced my coaxial cables, I'm hardwired in, I bought a seprate network card, I've even bought a new hard drive and reinstalled windows, all programs, drivers etc, I've done ping tests, in which sometimes come back with 20-30MBPS internet with 20-30ping and 0% packet loss, and other times I get 3% packetloss (which is concerning right?) Well I spoke with the ISP and they said they see nothing, they came out and looked, saw nothing, ran tests, saw nothing, said it's not them, that my internet speeds and ping are good, and that's all they can tell me.

All of my gear is good, no reason I should be lagging. Let me also mention sometimes when I lag, i snap out of it and everything around me fast forwards kind of like to catch up to real time, or i disconnect from the game.

I don't know what else I can possibly do.

Is the 3% packet loss that I saw once a possibility of this? I only lag every once in a while, once every 30 mins or sometimes once every 10 mins or once every 3 hours.

What else could it possibly be? what other solutions do I have to try??? Can't i run some sort of diagnostic test, play the game, then have it spike or do whatever it's doing then look at my recorder and see exactly what happened?

Anyone have anything to say :( sorry for the novel. Wanted to cover all basis.

OS: windows 7 home prem 64 bit
CPU: i5 2500k
RAM: 8gigs ddr3 gskill 2133
GPU: MSI Twin Forzr gtx 560ti
hyper 212 cooling
750w antec psu
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  1. I'd make a call to my ISP and explain the problem. Could be a contention ratio problem or maybe one (or more) of your neighbours is downloading a lot of stuff maybe bit torrent or even something like netflix could consume a lot of bandwidth. Sounds like the problem isn't with you.

    Definitely make a call to your ISP.
  2. I mentioned in the above post the ISP was no help, they said nothing is wrong.
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