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I5 2500k OC pre built advice

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October 26, 2011 5:47:27 PM


I’m looking at purchasing a new computer after my Q9300 / 2 GB ddr2 800 MHz / 9800gtx system has decided to start going noisy, slow and unresponsive. I’ve decided to purchase a new system rather than upgrade or self build as the price building seems to be worth it for the warranty. I mainly use my PC for casual gaming, internet browsing and the odd web development.

At first I was stuck between the i2500k, Phenom x6 1100t, x4 980 or the new FX (bulldozer) range. But after researching the 2500k seems to be the way to go.

after searching many sites (pc specialist, ebay, cyberpower systems etc) the best system i can find for my price range of around £700 MAX is this from dinopc:

Hoping you guys can help clarify some questions I have though seen as the guy I spoke to at dinopc didn’t have a clue (!!!)

The cpu has been OC to 4.5ghz, how does this effect the turbo mode? Will it still drop down to a lower speed when not needed? If the pc is idle downloading etc it seems a bit pointless to have it burning away at 4.5 GHz?

It costs an extra £10 to upgrade the memory to 1600 from 1333; is this worth it and will it actually work? I’ve read some articles saying the 2500k only works with 1333?

I like the sound of these SSD drives, is it worth the extra money compared to ordinary SATA 2/3 HDD?

And finally is this a good system for the money? Or would i be better of going for one of the amd X6, x4 or FX processors and trying to save some money? Or is there an i5 system else where cheaper any one knows of etc?

Any help appreciated

Thanks Max

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October 26, 2011 11:43:31 PM

Yes, consensus would be i5-2500k.

"The cpu has been OC to 4.5ghz, how does this effect the turbo mode? " generally OC'rs turn off turbo in bios so system doesn't spike higher then they tune and go unstable. I personally would not use an i5-2500 at 4.5ghz (I like long chip life) however this is a matter of taste.

Turbo mode is different than the power saving modes. Check with the builder on those. I'd also recomend that you get BIOS setting for your PC that support the OC and a different set of bios setting for normal operation. Only switch on CPU intense operations (video creation, some games, not surfing)

I use an SSD in my laptop. I choose to go with raid 0 spinning drives in my gaming system. Too much effort to install things on a system with a small C drive. Laptop only has the SSD.