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VGA No Signal

After installing new motherboard, proccessor and power supply my monitor dont work at last. Only thing is old is the hard drive and monitor.

I can run enable vga and i did installed all the drivers but when i restart computer my monitor doesnt work. I even try another monitor and its the same problem. Same goes to diffent video card.

I got biostar a770e3 mb
amd 560 proccessor
radeon 5770
antec 550watt power supply
compaq q1859 monitor

what can i do to make this monitor work...
because when i enable vga i can play like normal startup
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  1. Which video card are you using?
  2. failed to mention what vga card you using............
  3. I don't understand. Are you saying everthing works fine after you enable VGA? How are you enabling VGA?
    What is the problem - you cannot use a DVI monitor?

    Are you using correct VGA and DVI connectors on video card to connect with the same type connector on monitor? Are you using any adapters?

    When you say monitor did not work do you mean it was just a black screen?
    What are the two monitors you used?
    Were monitors VGA or DVI or did they both have connectors for both?
    If both, do the monitors automatically run whichever is connected or is a setting change required?

    What were the two video card brands and models?
    What type connectors did they have?
    Did you connect power connector(s) to the cards if and as required?
  4. I have a compaq q1859 monitor with radeon 5770 using a hdmi port. When i start computer it is black screen,monitor will say vga no signal monitor going to sleep, but when i switch on/off power supply and press start again it works it will show American Megatreds screen of data like auto detecting sata, cmos battery low, press del to run setup, press f2 to load. After presing f2 it will ask me what to do like safe mode, enable VGA mode, start windows normally. Sometimes when i press enable vga mode, it works. Most of the time it doesnt work and goes to black screen...why???
    I did connect power connectors and pci as required.
  5. Try replacing the button cell in the motherboard with a newer one, also why use HDMI? I thought that cards typically come with a DVI-VGA connector.
  6. mister g said:
    Try replacing the button cell in the motherboard with a newer one, also why use HDMI? I thought that cards typically come with a DVI-VGA connector.

    button cell? what is that?

    i am using dvi-vga now.

    it seems like when i press the back power supply on/off the monitor will work.

    why is that?
  7. Don't know, the button cell is the round battery that the motherboard uses to keep time and BIOS settings when you shut off your PC. If it dies then the motherboard won't be able to keep time or save settings, replace the battery and that Enable VGA mode might actually work.
  8. i did take the battery out then put it back in still dont work.

    i have this message now "Insufficent runtime space for mps data system may operate in pic or none mps mode.
  9. Are you booting into safe mode? You need to buy a new battery as the old one is dead. How exactly did you reformat the drive? A bad Windows reinstall I did several years back caused all sorts of problems before someone told me I had to boot from the disk and reformat the drive that way.
  10. my motherboard is new so the battery is new also maybe i need to let computer stay longer if i get to windows?i cant go to safemode either. i used my old hard drive without doing anything to it. i just use it on my motherboard. Sometimes when i press f2 windows does work and i can do normal things but if i restart computer the monitor will stop working unless i press the back of the power supply switch.
  11. Is there another processor to test this with? Otherwise it has to be the motherboard since that power supply could handle all the components listed.
  12. i dont think so because i did start windows normally after pressing f2 that works.

    its just the monitor that dont work if computer restarts.
  13. F2, so the boot menu of the motherboard? Try updating the BIOS of the board it might help.
  14. i update all the drivers + the windows update and thought it would work but still dont work. it keeps telling me to change time and day or something but i did and it was saved but it went back to 0 again.

    i try to reset cmos how do i do that? i dont see a jumper thing to set it.
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    It would say CMOS right next to exposed long pins with a plastic thing holding them together, take it out and boot. Replace the motherboard battery it's a button cell much like this one that may or may not have a different CR number.
    once you do so time and settigns could be saved. Just because the motherboard is new doesn't mean that all the components on it are good.
  16. sweeeeet it finally works!

    i made it default and i can finish installing windows 7.

    thanks all who tried to help me. :)
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  18. So the battery wasn't replaced?
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