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I've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic for a month now and have had my PC shut down three times from overheating. I assumed it was an issue with the game, as this had never happened to me on any other game. But I just now noticed that the fan in my PSU isn't spinning, which I guess explains why it get's so freakin' hot. It must have stopped spinning recently, as I haven't had any heating issues in the past.

It's a BFG ATX550watt. Coincidentally, I also just found out BFG is going out of business and no longer offers a lifetime warranty. Is there an easy fix to a non-functioning PSU fan? Or am I SoL and should be looking for a new one?
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  1. BFG has been out of business for quite a while now.
    Best to start shopping now.
    What's your psu budget?
    What cpu and gpu do you have?
  2. I have an AMD Athlon II 630 2.8 GHz quad core and a Radeon HD5850

    I guess, ATM, I'd be comfortable around the $60-$70 range. I got a good deal on the BFG, think I only paid like $40 for it. I dunno why it crapped out so quickly, I got it in 2010.
  3. Try out the earthwatts series from antech; they always offer great Performance at a good price
  4. That OCZ has a promo, and a rebate atm...


    eta: If I weren't being overly budget conscience, I would go with the XFX, or the Seasonic however.
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