Does hp glue the power supply cords into the motherboard?

Hello, I am replacing parts of my computer, but I am haveing trouble unpluging the PSU connecters(one of the parts I am switching) from the motehrboard. Does hp put some sort of glue in the connecters? think my motherboard's pieces are getting looser the more I pull on the PSU's cords. I even tried getting it out by pulling it up with a screwdriver and still no luck, the pieces look loose and the cords are in just as they were before I tried to remove them.
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    some manufactors will use a small bead of silicon sealant to hold a connector in place.It will be the clear type.If you see it,pull it off first.
  2. All the plugs have some sort of clip you have to press on one side.
  3. Cut it off!That's a horrible joke DO NOT CUT IT!!I agree with above.

    All the plugs have some sort of clip you have to press on one side.
  4. I replaced the poer supply, but I had to pry the stuff out with a metal piece on the back that is used to cover the unused PCI e ports. the plastic pieces on the moterboard have come up a little but the pins are still in place. I think I was pushing on the clip hard enough... I had to break the clips. It was an old PSU with a wattage that was too low for my upgrade so I didn' tneed to leave the cords in tact. can you normally just pull them out with your hand?
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