ASUS DirectCu 6870 Radeon HD

Hi, I was wondering if the overclock I have on my graphics card is stable.

I'm using afterburner, and have the GPU set at

Voltage- Blank

Core Clock- 955MHz

Shader Clock- Blank

Memory Clock- 1105MHz

Fan Speed- 57%, if it gets to 60C it raises to 70%

Is that a good enough clock or can I push my card further? I am using a 500W Corsair PSU

On Crysis 2 (Direct 11 enabled) I can run the game on Very High.

My temps are around 39-49 idle, and 50-60 load.
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  1. As long as your temps are good and card isn't overheating, no artifacts and games not crashing I'd say it's stable, you could push the core higher(maybe 975) but I'd leave memory clock as is or lower it (depending on quality of memory chips used on your card. Pushing it to higher will shorting it's life span and burn one of the chips.)
  2. I have the core at 975 now, and I lowered the memory clock to 1100.

    I was wondering what would be the maximum stable overclock that I could achieve without raising the voltage.
  3. What are you using to stress test with?
  4. I would guess that you are darn close to it, at stock volts the 6870s do not have much oc headroom imo if you got 975 core then you are lucky
  5. I used the MSI Kombuster, and my temps never go about 60.
  6. yeah now just test it in a game, ive had ocs that were completely stable in kombuster then would crash instantly in games, your card should be very capable of ocing 60c is a good load temp can you raise voltages with that model? I think you can just have to enable it in msi aftrburner... basically your gpu can handle more heat so why not?
  7. I am playing crysis 2 (at least an hour and a half) and the temps went up to 61C never higher. I think I could raise the voltage but I don't see the point if it can run stable with an OC and stock voltage.
  8. yeah well good nice oc at stock for sure
  9. I 2nd the nice OC.
    How many FPS are you getting and @ which settings? Edit; In Crysis 2
  10. On Ultra I get around 28-40 around 31 usually, this is at 1920x1200. A bit choppy for my taste.

    On Extreme it can get as high as 70 but its usually around 38-43, which is still choppy for me especially when I spin around real quick.

    On Very High (which is what I use) I get 45+ usually 50-65 which is the acceptable frame rate for me.

    This is with Direct 11 enabled, motion blur on medium, and the optional shadow pack(not exactly sure what it's called) on.

    I am very pleased with this card, it has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone with around 180 budget.
  11. Id say that is excellent performance given that you are running a single 6870, the asus dc2 is certainly a great model, have fun also, there is plenty of other games to enjoy that arent anywhere near as demanding/... :) enjoy
  12. Sounds good, for some reason I get more fps on Crysis 2 then I do on minecraft. On minecraft I get around 40-45 fps.
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