Good Motherboard for Gaming?

First time making my own custom PC, not quite sure what my price range is quite yet.

I plan on getting this processor:

Mind giving a few varying in price? Thanks in advance!! :bounce:
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  1. ASUS Sabertooth Z77

    Although I will say that you do not need a good motherboard for gaming, you just need a powerful GPU and an ssd.
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    i paried that processor up with the AsRock extreme4 z77 about 3 weeks ago and i honestly couldn't ask for a better mobo. The only issue i have with it and this isnt really a con, is if you plan to use any cpu cooler with your setup go with a corsair water cooling kit h50 h60 h80 h100 or there new i series, just so you can have access to all four Dimm slots and l8r upgrade your ram if you need to. Im currently running EVGA 660 ti 2gb PCIE 3.0 SLI and then board has no problems doing so whatsoever. Has plenty of usb 3.0 ports, sata ports, and i personally like the tunning utilities it comes with (very user friendly). Since ive had this board updating the BIOS is very simple and i havnt had any problems doing it. Just from my expierences you can always spend more money but for a bang for the buck i would def recomend this board.
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  4. i would reccomend the asrock extreme
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