Computer Not booting up with 6950 installed

So I went to microcenter and grabbed one of the diamond 6950 2gb they had on sale and also grabbed two six pin extenders cause i heard this card came with nothing, drove home installed this monster into my computer, which barely fits i might add, and i get a beep and my power button on my case lights up for about a quarter of a second then goes out, then nothing, first i thought i fried my mobo and got worried, but with the help of a friend who is somewhat techy chiseled the problem down to about two possibilities, either the card is defective or the power supply isnt strong enough hence posting it in this section. The video card i currently run in my system is a gtx 460 768mb and it has molex adapters with it, the only thing is i only had enough extra molex connections for 3 out of the four connectors and it runs fine, but when i tried to run the same config as this on the 6950 it wont boot up still does the beep and goes out after a quarter of a second.

So here I am asking for any advice, is it my psu? or what? Thank you in advance.

Here are my system specs

i7 2600k 3.4ghz
asus p8p67 le mobo
gskill 16gb ddr3 pc1600
galaxy gtx 460 768mb
raidmax 630watt psu
320gb wd blue hd
xigmatek gaia sd1283 cooler
5 fans running including cpu cooler.
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  1. Raidmax makes the worst power supplies, that is why it won't boot.
  2. probably your psu
  3. what wattage would you recommend?
  4. a 600 - 750 watt PSU of a reputable manufacturer is what you need.
  5. NOTHING BY RAIDMAX! Buy from corsair, antec, seasonic, xfx and many other companies. Check for the 12v rail amperages.

    would this be a good one to get? im trying to get my work to price match an antec 750w ea750 to newegg, ill see if they do that.
  7. That is a great power supply.
  8. thats somewhat overkill but its really good.
  9. can you recommend something then? I dont want overkill, I want something that will last and not do this...
  10. Corsair tx650w
  11. that PSU you have wouldnt start my watch never mind anything else

    I ended up getting this one from ebay for $81 new unopened, hopefully it solves the problem, will let you guys know
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