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I'd like to upgrade my nvidia gt240. I have intel 2.6 dual core and convert mkvs and blurays for my ipad 2. What card should I upgrade to. I want a much faster encoding time than the current 1hr 10min for a 1hr 30min film. Thanks, Kev.
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  1. What is your computer brand and model?
    Does it have any upgrades besides the GT 240?
    What is the brand and model of the PSU (you might have to look inside the case to find this)?
    What software do you use for the conversion?
  2. Hi thanks for replying.
    Its a intel E6750 2.6 dual core
    4 gig mem
    I'd have to change the Psu as its only 400 at the moment - the gt240 takes power off the board but I know I need more for a better card.
    I use Xilisoft video converter which thankfully uses Cuda which helps.
    What I could really do with is a comparison table where each graphics card is listed with time to convert a HD file.
    I convert from MKVs and Blu-ray to iPad and at moment it takes about 1hr 40mins @35 fps.
    I don't know where just upgrading to say a GTX 580 but keeping my 2.6mhz CPu would really make a huge difference. ie. would it only take 1 hr with a better graphics card or would it take 10 mins (youve gotta dream!)
    Thanks for your help.
  3. Sorry meant to at 1hr 40mins for a 2hr 11mins film
  4. Unfortunately I don't know of any benchmarks for Xilissoft and the only one for editing is for Adobe CS5 which compares performance differences running with and without CUDA on CPUs with different number of cores,2770.html

    The above article used a GTX 480 but I have seen other articles about CUDA showing substantial time savings just with GT 240. I have no idea how it scales.

    Frankly I am surprsied that the nVidia site does not have more on this - or at least I did not find it.

    If you decide to upgrade the PSU, here is a good bargain right now:

    Antec Hi Current Gamer Series 620w PSU - 80% Bronze certifed - $50 after rebate with free shipping
  5. Thanks for your help anyway
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