Is Powercolor's Radeon 6850 worth it?

Hey everybody, just got a question about a particular card I plan to upgrade to.
This card costs ~$200 new, but comes with better thermals, better media decoding, and of course better game performance over my existing card.
I'm just wondering if the upgrade is worth it since this should be the most powerful card that would fit in my Dell BTX case.
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  1. Not worth $200. 6850 is only slightly better then the 4870. You gain DX11 and better power figures, but performance is only slightly better.
  2. How about ~$185, I plan to talk to a seller and maybe get that even lower. If not then I would have to wait for more efficient designs with next gen cards from both companies. The whole reason I got the 4870 was because it had slightly better game performance in older games I was still playing.
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    No it's still too expensive for a small upgrade.
  4. Thanks everybody I might as well invest in other areas of my PC.
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