Can Old SATA cables be used?

I have SATA cables from when sata was first introduced and have a few from my ASUS A8N board (2006?) not sure but it was awhile back..

Anyway im in the market to build a new rig and I'm wondering if those cables are still up to date? or are there certain 6.0/gbs sata cables?


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  1. Cables are not too expensive so just get new ones, especially for 6.0gb/s
  2. For a conventional hard drive just use the cables you have .

    The read and write speed of the hard drive is waaaaay lower than the theoretical SATA 300 speed , let alone the theoretical SATA 600 speed
  3. I figured there not expensive, just wondering if there's actually a difference between the cables.. ..

    can you install all 6gb/s cables even if you are using 3gb/s devices? any performance issues?
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